March 7, 2020

       The faith-based community and all citizens are called to give the “World’s Biggest Virtual Hug” to support our Frontline Heroes and offer protection, encouragement, and appreciation to these noble men and women.  All across the U.S., doctors, nurses, chaplains, and staff are working in hospitals, nursing homes, treatment centers, joining police and fire first responders in a  war to save our lives. They work tirelessly at tremendous personal cost and sacrifice for Americans in unfathomable ways! 

      Today, we are calling on the faith community to unify, rise up and move forward with arms virtually linked together to embrace those who are risking everything to save our lives.

      The Sharing Hope Center and circle of volunteer experts have created safe and effective ways to do everything humanly possible to lessen the load on these courageous warriors. is asking ALL non-profit communities as well as ALL compassionate, caring individuals to consider the ideas and suggestions to offer protection, encouragement, and appreciation to the Frontline.

        A minimum of 66 PPEs is required for each ICU patient for every 24-hour period!  Because of the shortage of equipment, healthcare workers are reusing masks over and over again to the point they are no longer protecting our doctors and nurses. Presented on the website are four practical and vitally important ways to protect our heroes and the patients they serve.

Some of the practical ways we can offer protection, encouragement, and appreciation listed on the website are:

  1. Locate desperately needed Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs), including the list given by Ohio Governor Mike DeWine and other healthcare organizations.
  2. Donate funds to enable the purchase of PPEs while our nation’s leaders search for larger numbers.
  3. Make PPEs at home-DIY
  4. Give blood to help those who require regular transfusions to continue to live.

      We are asking the caring people in our great nation to offer encouragement to our warriors this weekend and beyond, as we offer expressions of gratitude in the first visible World’s Biggest Virtual Hug during the Easter Sunday weekend and each weekend after until the virus is defeated!

      Expressing appreciation flows easily from grateful hearts.  There are three suggestions and ways we can affirm the jobs these heroic professionals are doing for us and our country.

  1. Because the PPEs are absolutely the most critical need on the battlefield, we underscore the need for everyone to do what they can.
  2. To help provide business for restaurants, many of whom feel like they are on the Titanic, we encourage donating funds to purchase meals at restaurants to be delivered to a wide variety of facilities. And for those who can prepare foods for local heroes, without violating the Code to Conquer COVID-19, suggestions are made to send food to police and fire units.
  3. Our warriors are well known in their communities across our nation. They serve on boards, attend our houses of worship, and coach our kids’ teams. They also have their own grass to cut, garbage cans to put away, and meals to prepare for their children.  We are challenging America to look at the medical and emergency professionals we know on a first name basis to offer practical, personal help.  Network, if necessary, and let’s do it together!
    With help from God and support of His people, we WILL get through this TOGETHER!

Paula Bussard, Executive Director 
o: 513.447.540
c: 513.604.0075 

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