Connect With Us

Connect With Us
The Sharing H.O.P.E. Center in Colerain Township is our first center in Greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky. We are building an infrastructure with systems and processes so more centers can be created.
We are looking for individuals who have a passion for helping and coaching those with significant physical, mental, and emotional challenges that prevent them from functioning in healthy ways. If you have gifts and talents in any of the areas listed below, please send an email to Tell us how you’d like to serve and we will get back with you.
Name: _____________________________________________
Preferred email:____________________________________
Preferred phone: __________________________________
Fill in the blanks that best describe your interests and abilities:
Occupation: (Present)____________________ (Past) _______________________________
I am interested in serving with a group or organization. My skills, experience, and interests are in the following area(s):
___ Detail oriented; database management
___ Communications (email, phone, etc.)

Occupation oriented:
___ Business administration (business coaching, financial management, etc.
___ Health & wellness
___ Job search coach; resume help, etc.
___ Personal growth teacher/coach/mentor
(parenting skills, recovery from trauma/addictions, etc.)
___ Teaching, training
___ Mental health, addiction
___ Victim advocacy
___ Chaplaincy- either with addiction or general chaplaincy
I enjoy:
___ Physical activity, sports
___ Art, computer graphics, or design
___ Working with children
___ Working with youth

The Sharing H.O.P.E. Center is a not-for-profit 501(c)3 organization. We welcome tax deductible donations and thank you in advance for your support.

The Sharing H.O.P.E. Center
10461 Pippin Road
Cincinnati, Ohio 45231