About Us

About Us

The Sharing H.O.P.E. Center has open doors for individuals seeking solutions and connections to overcome significant challenges. We support victims of trauma, addiction, crime and the COVID-19 crisis.

Everyone gets “stuck” at various times in life. Physical pain and medical issues can keep us from feeling healthy and motivated. Financial pressure is a major cause of divorce and can lead to serious mental health issues. Addiction to anything from sugar and television to heroin and prescription painkillers can impact our ability to function.

There is H.O.P.E. for those who know where to seek solutions. We are here to be the link to bridge the gap between your needs and the resources that will open the doors for your freedom! The Sharing H.O.P.E. Center was is run by individuals, impacted by trauma in their own lives, who volunteer to serve others. They know how significantly lives can be impacted, restored, and healed when caring, compassionate people will walk with them on their journey to healing. We are constantly ‘sharing hope’ because God gives us more than we need!


Paula Bussard
Executive Director

Paula Bussard is no stranger to helping people find solutions to their challenges! Paula has worked for more than thirty years in companies, ministries, and parachurch organizations to encourage the brokenhearted and help those trapped by challenges to become free and fulfilled.
With degrees in psychology, counseling, communications and education.
Currently, Paula uses her Trauma Informed Care training on a daily basis as she instills hope and walks with others into healing and restoration. She has authored 36 books for children and has worked extensively with domestic violence survivors and dozens of adults who have struggled with addiction, ten of whom have lived in her home at different times over the last decade.
Paula co-pastors New Hope Ministries with her husband Larry. She serves with At Work On Purpose and Neighborhoods Embracing Transformation in her hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio. Paula is a proud mother of two grown children, Christa and Jonathan, and she totally  delights in her grandchildren, Nathan and Lauren.
For information on Paula speaking at an event, send email to: Paula@SharingHopeCenter.org.