Together Let's Create the World’s Biggest Virtual Hug!

How Can You Help?

Welcome & Thank You for Coming!

The faith-based and non-profit communities are called to safely step forward to support our Frontline Heroes and offer protection, encouragement, and appreciation to these noble men and women. All across the U.S., doctors, nurses, chaplains, and staff are working in hospitals, nursing homes, treatment centers, joining police and fire first responders in a war to save our lives. They work tirelessly at tremendous personal cost and sacrifice for Americans in unfathomable ways! 

Today, we are calling on the faith community to unify, rise up and move forward with arms virtually linked together to embrace those who are risking everything to save our lives. 

The Sharing Hope Center and circle of volunteer experts have created safe and effective ways to do everything humanly possible to lessen the load on these courageous warriors. SharingHopeCenter.org is asking ALL non-profit communities as well as ALL compassionate, caring individuals to consider the ideas and suggestions to offer protection, encouragement, and appreciation to the Frontline. 

We are asking the caring people in our great nation to offer create the Guinness Book of Records World’s Biggest Virtual Hug to our warriors this weekend and beyond, as we offer expressions of gratitude in visible and safe ways, over Easter Sunday. 

A Moment of Honor & Gratitude

The following individuals are also heroes and represent the finest of men and women in as they have distinguished themselves as outstanding and exceptional medical and emergency professionals. Some of the individuals mentioned below make America proud in their white or blue uniforms through their service in the military and in emergency response. Several are at work on purpose and live out their faith daily at their jobs. Currently, one is on the frontlines of the COVID-19 crisis and is serving as a chaplain in ICU at two hospitals, sharing hope with each patient and family.

      To those honored below, all your family, friends, and professional colleagues are giving you a standing ovation right now.  Hope you hear our deep appreciation!

At the Sharing HOPE Center, we provide ways for needs to be met by finding solutions. We support victims of trauma, crime, addiction, and COVID-19. Welcome to this safe place where you can receive HOPE!